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I’m Stef, a freelance UI and UX Designer based in London with over 7 years of experience. I was planning to say something clever here, but the only thing I came up with is: "Design is everywhere."


Design should impress. Design should please. Design should rock. But most importantly, design should sell - literally and metaphorically

I’ve designed all sorts of projects for all sorts of clients, and the only thing that all my final products had in common is that they had to sell, market and promote. The only way to achieve this is by creating masterly, finished products that convey professionalism and user satisfaction. Every single detail matters - structure, typography, images, proportions, colors, patterns, lines, edges... All should be synchronized to complete the maximum UX.

I believe that one of my strongest points is that I always put myself not only in my client’s shoes, but also in the shoes of the end user. Every project has its target audience with its own needs, expectations, taste etc.

When starting a project, I always take my time to plan, research and experiment, before kicking off with the final design work. My aim is to create such a strong impression on the end user that they have to act after seeing the design piece.

My specialty is web design and front-end development, working on pixel tricks in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and turning them into beautiful, semantic HTML & CSS. I have solid experience with CMS and frameworks like Wordpress, Magento, CS-Cart, Joomla, Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap.

“Think Multi-Device” is my professional motto, and I always aim to create responsive web design, optimised for most devices and operation systems. That’s why I’ve recently mastered my skills in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript/ jQuery. As technology continues to evolve and change, I am excited to see what new products and design needs emerge.

My interests do, however, extend beyond websites, and I love creating brand logos, newsletters and print design.


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Well, I think here is the right place for the boring bio stuff

I’ve worked through all sorts of jobs and titles in the web industry until I finally realised that I’m way too interested in the technical part of the process, and calling myself a “nerd” sounded more like a compliment than an insult.

I started my professional career as a Sales Executive at a web design company 7 years ago, which was followed by a role as a Web Project Manager. Although talking big marketing words and clichés is not my favourite bit, it was still pretty cool because this experience helped me to learn how to deal with clients and stakeholders, and gain knowledge of how important it is to understand your client’s needs in order to achieve the final “wow” effect. However, it soon became apparent that I really enjoyed spending time with the designers and developers and understanding how they do their magic. I started trying it myself and I naturally gravitated to web design and development.

Shortly after, I embarked on a freelance career which gave me the freedom to work on all sorts of projects with different kinds of businesses - from charities and environmental organisations, to fitness instructors, boxing events and weapons resellers. Some people find it shocking that I pride myself with creating the only online shop that sells a dildo in the shape of Queen Elizabeth II, but the braver the project, the more I enjoy working on it.

And if you think I’m too busy to have a full time job, you’re wrong. For over 2 years I've been working as a Web designer at Action Bikes and Foska, which gave me the opportunity to work with world renown brands such as Brompton, Trek, Raleigh, Look, Marin Bikes California, Wilier, and Pashley. I’m currently enjoying a role as a UI/UX Designer and Front-end Dev at PeerIndex, where I have the oportunity to build awesome data driven social analytical web app with a huge potential.

Deep down I’m obsessed about building new cool stuff, and I have a couple of side projects that keep my creativity alive. I set up a web design business/website eGorilla which generates most of my freelance projects. One of my current design passions is - an online shop for cool, funky graphic t-shirts, created by real artists. Check it out, I’m sure you’ll love the designs.

A chew-everything rabbit, a worth-listening gig, and an always-talking-and-inspiring-me wife occupy my free time. I’m also an aspiring photographer. Simply buying a pro camera doesn’t seem to make me one, but JD with ice and quality photography books definitely help me throughout the process. My bucket list is way too long, but my first wish is to visit all 196 countries in the world. That’s why I say never call me when I’m on holiday. I know how to switch off.

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I’ve always been inspired by random things like smart infographics, beautiful photos, motivational quotes, master design pieces, and all sorts of quirky stuff


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