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👋 Hi! I’m Stef, a freelance UX UI Designer based in London. I help some of the fastest growing startups (seed to series A) launch and grow their products. now running Pony Studio.

Clients backed by:

YC is an american seed accelerator for startups Techstars Logo Founders Factory is a London based seed accelerator and incubator Seedcamp Logo Public Accelerator Logo

I design for humans to help brands grow

Some of the companies I’ve worked with have been backed by YC, Techstarts, Seedcamp, Founders Factory and other top startup accelerators and VCs. My work has been featured on The Next Web, TechCrunch, Awwwards, Wired and other leading media outlets, thanks to which you’re now reading this.

As a a freelance UX / UI designer, I’ve been exposed to hundreds of projects over the years acting as a lead designer, UX lead, UX consultant and product advisor, which have helped me to optimise the quality and speed of my design work. I always work with a clear timeframe towards specific deliverables and outcomes, so even though design is a creative process, it’s always aligned with the business objectives.

I approach all my projects, regardless of the project size, with a kick-off discovery session to understand my client’s vision, the business objectives and what the user data is indicating. I’ve trained myself to make a quick usability test the moment I open a new website or an app, so this comes almost for free during our first meeting.

I help companies to build and launch their products, improve their UX and product performance or completely re-brand their identity.

💊 Healthtech

UX, UI & Branding for a tech healthcare startup revolutionising the way NHS and the private medical sector communicate with patients.

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💼 Recruitment

User Experience and User Interface design for a recruitment startup helping young people find their career path and ideal job.

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💵 Fintech

UX, mobile app & website design for one of the most ambitious fin-tech companies in the blockchain space, with a world-class team behind it.

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🏠 Proptech

UX, UI design and Branding for a proptech startup transforming property management with an innovative data rich technology solution.

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🚙 Marketplace

User Experience, Web app design and UI for one of the fastest growing UK startups, currently operating in over 25 countries.

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🎧 💻 💡 ☀️ 🍺

Life is too short for poor user experience and bad beer. I never compromise on these two.

Nothing excites me like a smart product that solves a real problem and it’s got a great growth potential. I love working with founders and teams who know their stuff and understand the importance of Design and UX for their product and business growth.

In the recent years, I have become obsessed with delivering design solutions that impact the product performance and one of my biggest strengths is that I never think of design in isolation, like a fine art piece, but always how it will impact the business outcomes. Having run my own startup (and maintaining a MoM growth of 20%) for almost 3 years helped me to master my product skills and critical thinking when it comes to proposing UX and UI design solutions. For example, you might hire me to improve the conversion rate of your app, but the solution might be outside the on-boarding process. I’ll look for answers and ideas across all areas, not just the obvious quick wins.

In my CV you’ll also find Peeridex, where I was the Lead Designer until the company was acquired by Brandwatch, and Blink, an intranet app which gave me the opportunity to experience Techstars and meet some fantastic founders and product leaders. I’ve been lucky enough to get recommended by my clients more often than I expected which made the last couple of years crazy busy. This let me to setting up a UX UI design studio in London, Pony, where I work with other product designers that share the same passion for growth, UX and branding like me. This helps us execute projects faster and engage larger clients, which in return builds up my personal and my team’s experience.

I’ll gladly work with all stakeholders involved in your project, including developers, marketers, product managers, support, etc. The reason? I know collaboration and working with the same objectives and datasets will be crucial for your product success, so you can count on me that I’ll help you deliver meaningful outcomes, not just eye-pleasing design. 😎 (play some dramatic music here)

Some nice words from some smart folks Thank you, guys! 🖤

Stef was recommended to me by two different contacts so I was lucky enough not to have to go through other channels to find a suitable designer ... we were able to work well together to bring a key part of our platform to life in a very short timeframe. I would highly recommend his services to anybody that requires some fresh thinking on their projects.

Jan Vanhoutte

Co-founder, CPO at Shepper

Stef recently redesigned the UX for a complex two-sided platform for us and did a fantastic job. The project required the ability to synthesise a large number of data variables into an easy to navigate system for our users, and he achieved this really well. Stef is also fast, responsive and really listened to our needs as a client - highly recommended!

Lucy Griffiths

CEO & Co-founder at Sort

I genuinely love working with Stef. He has been key to building our brand and visual identify. We've challenged him across the full gamut of design, from screen to print, desktop to mobile, and the results are always on point. I'd work with him again in a moment.

Philip Mundy

Founder at Forward

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