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That’s an old photo. I now have less hair and bigger beard. Thanks to the ancient Egyptians who invented the hat!

My education is in Economics & Business and I’m the cliché example of a kid who spent his university years studying something he never enjoyed or felt destined to do. Don’t worry mum, partly thanks to this I’m now good with numbers and have never looked at design as a purely creative work. It’s always been business for me and everyone I’ve worked with - if it doesn’t deliver results, it’s insignificant how fancy it looks.

I’m based in London and have been living here in the past 10 years. “My accent comes from” Sofia, Bulgaria, but please don’t ask me this question on our first call. I’d rather spend it discussing your project and design needs, which is usually way more interesting than my roots or the British weather.

I’m a self-thought designer obsessed with self-improvement and raising the bar for my work with every design project. It’s a common designer’s trait to hate the work you’ve done 2 years ago and feel most proud of your most recent project. On the flip side - if we work together, my next piece of work will be my best looking and performing design yet, so your project will be close to a masterpiece (cough, cough 😉)

UX and product design change every day, as every other industry, so I never stop learning about design, business, UX, growth and how these four merge together. I don’t believe in the traditional education system, I think learning is a mindset - if I stop, I’ll be out of business in a few months... ok years maybe. I enjoy posting my and my team’s findings and design & growth knowledge on our Instagram page , so make sure you follow us if you want to learn more about our work.

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If you haven’t checked my homepage, here’s a quick facts summary:

🗓 I have 15 years experience in design - UX, UI & Branding.

🌱 I work mainly with seed to series A technology startups, building digital products

💼 Many of my clients have been backed by Y Combinator, Techstars, Seedcamp, Founders Factory and other leading accelerators and VCs

🏆 My work has been featured on Awwwards, The Next Web, Tech Crunch and others.

😓 I participated in Techstars a few years ago and I was a founder myself for a couple of years, so I know the drill.

📈 I believe growth design is the future of Design, so I’m always equally focused on business and user outcomes when designing digital products.

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