EGORILLA – the new structure

EGORILLA – the new structure

Over the last few months I’ve often found myself stretched between design work, emails, contracts, proposals, phone calls and meetings. It took me some time to realise that I needed help. Not medical help (don’t get alarmed), at least not yet.

If I have to be honest, whenever thinking about expanding, I’ve never liked the idea of a typical design agency, this was very unlikely to be my career path. I’ve worked in agencies before and I’ve seen how this usually reflects on the final product and the creativity of the designers. That’s why I decided that I wanted to set up a team of very talented and passionate UX and UI designers to work on a variety of projects with me. All of them remotely, all of them choosing the design projects they want to work on, in their time, on their terms, from wherever they’re based. Sounds unconventionals? Yes, and I truly believe that remote working and collaboration rather than the traditional corporate approach is the future of a happy and productive work environment. Since when good design is conventional and standardised?

Job done, EGORILLA is live. I hope you like the site, it reflects the current structure of the company. Have a look at our About section to find out more.

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