Freelance UX UI Designer Growth Designer in London

I design for humans to help brands grow.

Below you can see some of my most recent design projects. I’m not great at updating my design portfolio, but I hope these case studies will give you a good indication of my UX, UI and branding skills. My sweet spot is a designing the full user experience journey and user interface design for a new digital products. I love a tricky UX challenge, so if you’re stuck trying to identify what might be blocking your growth product wise, I’ll love every second of discovering and fixing this with you.

πŸ’Š Healthtech

UX, UI & Branding for a tech healthcare startup revolutionising the way NHS and the private medical sector communicate with patients.

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πŸ’Ό Recruitment

User Experience and User Interface design for a recruitment startup helping young people find their career path and ideal job.

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πŸ’΅ Fintech

UX, mobile app & website design for one of the most ambitious fin-tech companies in the blockchain space, with a world-class team behind it.

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🏠 Proptech

UX, UI design and Branding for a proptech startup transforming property management with an innovative data rich technology solution.

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πŸš™ Marketplace

User Experience, Web app design and UI for one of the fastest growing UK startups, currently operating in over 25 countries.

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